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Industry Leaders Will Reveal How You Can Drive Sales Growth at Our Next Event

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We are excited to share that our Future of SalesTech Conference is just two weeks away!

Taking place on the 9th of March at The Brewery in London, this event will help you transform the sales process within your organsiation and equip your team for success. The conference will offer attendees a rich programme, featuring case studies and exclusive fireside chats with speakers from various brands.

It is important to note that our Future of SalesTech Conference will take place at the same time as our Future of MarTech Conference. What is more, we’ll be bringing our communities together at points during the day in recognition of the alignment of sales and marketing becoming an ever-critical business priority.

Attendees of both events will have the chance to hear from several sales and marketing enablement specialists, including Karina Battaglia from Microsoft. Karina will be one of the first speakers of the day, and she is expected to present a case study on how the tech giant transforms its sales and marketing habits.

More specifically, she will discuss the ‘modern’ customer and why the ways that served sellers in the past may no longer do so in today’s world. Reviewing the lessons that Microsoft has learned while transforming the habits of its sales organisation, Karina will help attendees drive change in their own teams.



Several companies will share the strategies and tools they have used to train their teams and help them grow. Taking a case in point, Sabio will present delegates with a case study that demonstrates how companies can build a consistent sales approach across remote teams.

Meanwhile, Virgin Active’s Head of Central Sales Penny Meade will hold a presentation titled ‘Welcome, Train and Retain Your People’. During her session, Penny will explain how a great induction can set new hires up for success and how a poor welcome can negatively impact growth.

Another big brand that attendees can look forward to hearing from is UberEats, with its Senior Manager of Sales Enablement & Ops Paz Petraglia taking part in a fireside chat with event chair Andrew Hough, Founder and Director of the Institute of Sales Professionals.



As previously stated, the alignment of sales and marketing teams will be a widely discussed topic at the upcoming conference, with multiple companies set to share case studies that prove its significance.

Those interested in learning how to effectively align their teams will have the opportunity to listen to a panel discussion featuring sales enablement specialists from Sabio, Adobe, and SplitMetrics. In addition to this, Hitachi’s Head of Sales and Marketing Andy Milton will present a case study to demonstrate how the alignment of sales and marketing helped the organisation enable change.



To hear from world-renowned companies and network with a community of like-minded individuals, register your free ticket the 2023 Future of SalesTech Conference.



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