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Future of SalesTech

As research reveals how much dead time occupies our workflows, those sales leaders that integrate technology within their enablement strategies can reduce staff turnover, increase morale and improve customer loyalty. The ‘modern’ customer has new expectations and a refreshed approach in their purchasing, so organisations must keep pace before customers discover they receive a better experience from tech-enabled businesses.

  • In-Person Conference
  • The Brewery, London
  • Thursday 9th March 2023

Enabling our sales teams is now a crucial part of the buyer experience

The crucial role sales technology has and the influence it is having on the buyer experience is a story currently in the making. The tools a sales team require in order to stay competitive is paramount to the success of any business and technology is providing the opportunity to leap ahead of the competition. The changes that are coming are those that we must welcome, embrace, and foster everywhere – this is the Future of Salestech.

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How Sales and Marketing Are Taking Control of Technology

With the opportunities created by technology advancing at a rapid pace, sales leaders and marketers are reaping the rewards of the innovative opportunities available to them. Join this topic stream to learn how to transform your marketing capabilities, whatever size your budget is!

Email Tracking Software - Going Beyond Analytics, Personalisation is Key

The days of blanket emails to a database are over and the success of tracked, personalised campaigns that put tailored messaging and products in front of buyers are transforming their experience with a brand. Join this stream to learn how to do more with your email tracking to increase conversions.

Power of Salestech and the Rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Technology that powers and streamlines the sales process is improving in front of our eyes. Join this stream to enable your employees to securely access platforms on their own devices, improving response times and transforming sales engagement.

Top Trends of Mobile Sales Technology

With a world that’s constantly on the go and remote selling being at an all time high, join this session to learn how to best equip your sales team for success wherever they are.

Document Analytics - Quotes are Critical, Streamlining Processes and Saving Time

Want to see who’s viewing your documents, when, and what they’re interested in? This could help transform the success of your sales team. Join this stream to streamline your processes and save valuable time.

Social Selling Tools - Focus on Listening, Content Creation and Integration

Never underestimate the power of social – these key channels can integrate with sales technologies to help map your buyer journey, understand their needs and discover how buyers are interacting with your organisation. Join us to learn how to best use social channels in order to transform your sales techniques.

Tracking Software and Going Beyond the Analytics

We’re able to track buyer journeys in ways that have never been possible before, with organisations who are using tracking methodologies seeing huge success in transforming their buyer journeys and conversion rates. Join this stream to discover how you can better track your customer journeys and enhance success as a result.

Motivation - The Importance of Providing Proper Incentives at all times

A sales team can have all the tools and techniques available to them, but key individuals will never perform at their peak without the incentives and motivation that drive them to succeed. Join us to learn how to engage your sales team in order to enable them to be at their best.

Kate Philpot

Kate Philpot

Getty Images Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement
Kate Philpot is Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement at Getty Images. She leads a team based across three continents and is responsible for company-wide Sales and Service training and enablement programmes, which support staff development of professional skills, product knowledge and systems understanding. Kate joined Getty Images in 2015 as Sales Training Manager for EMEA, after 15 years of sales, sales leadership and HR experience at Mars, Glaxo Smith Kline and Shell UK. She has also spent several years as a consultant delivering commercial negotiation, sales skills, leadership and management training across Europe. She is a regular speaker at industry events and has a passion for all things DEI, being current Co-Chair of the Getty Images Multi-Culture Network ERG
Katja Kapustina

Katja Kapustina

Datasite Sales Enablement Manager EMEA & APAC
Katja Kapustina is Sales Enablement Manager for EMEA at Datasite, where she creates and drives programs and initiatives to increase sales productivity and performance. She is responsible for onboarding new sellers, as well as training senior sellers and leaders in Datsite’s innovative tools, technology, and processes. A crucial part of her role is working with the sales leadership, product and service teams, and other business partners to ensure Datasite’s sales organization is equipped to meet and exceed its targets. Katja holds a BBA in Business Admin from Stockholm University. Find Katja on LinkedIn. Datasite is a leading SaaS provider for the M&A industry, empowering dealmakers around the world with the tools they need to succeed across the entire deal lifecycle. For more information, visit
Ash Rajput

Ash Rajput

GoCardless Global Sales Enablement Manager
We talk about companies needing to transform to meet the demands of their customers, both existing and new, but for this change to happen the employees need to transform as well. As a sales enablement manager, I help employees to build a brand that's professional and authentic, and help turn salespeople into modern sellers to have them speaking their customers language. What is sales enablement? Well I like to say if sales and marketing had a baby, that would be sales enablement! Key Skills Sales Enablement | Social Selling | Digital Transformation | Employee Advocacy | Customer Success | Sales & Marketing
Juliette Harris

Juliette Harris

Sophos Global Head of Sales Enablement
Juliette has been working in training and enablement for over 15 years spanning different industries including, hospitality, banking and finance and IT. She is passionate about getting the best out of people, whether it be around system usage, selling skills, relationship building, product articulation or presentation skills, and all things in-between. Her international background living and working in France, US and UK as well as working in global organisations has given her experience with embracing enablement within a sales and channel organisation across different cultures and customs. In her current role, Juliette focusses on enabling the global sales organisation throughout their careers, including on-boarding, succession planning, GTM product enablement, sales productivity, sales management development and more. Juliette is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and is a member of the Sales Enablement Society.
Georgina Beard

Georgina Beard

Doctify Global Head of Sales Enablement
After experience across various sales roles, working with multiple talented tech start-ups, the move to sales enablement felt like an obvious one. Having felt the impact of leaders and coaches on my sales career, the opportunity to help other sales individuals succeed, as part of an overall team win, felt like the perfect next step. I pride myself on seeing the bigger picture and identifying all the moving parts, across the business, and across the world, before looking for the most effective business change. Keeping team productivity at the heart of everything we do has led to happier, more effective teams, who are equipped for success. Working with a team across multiple roles and multiple time zones, bringing the team together as one unit, and delivering effective support to each person has been a learning curve, but one I have embraced and thoroughly enjoyed. I view my responsibility as a sales enablement leader as helping the team win, to help the team hit targets and to help shape individuals into sales professionals with the tools to be incredible in their roles. I thrive in a fast paced environment and enjoy embracing the chaos that inevitably comes with it - there is nothing more satisfying than a moment of calm when everything clicks into place and the team can call it a win.
Arup Chakravarti

Arup Chakravarti

Elavon Head of Sales Ops and Enablement
I lead the Sales Ops and Enablement function at Elavon Europe. I’ve been fortunate to build a career located at the confluence of people, process, technology and data. There's never been a better time to be right here, right now. The fourth industrial revolution? It's where the magic lies. Ever exciting and challenging, creating the opportunities for a better social fabric.
Neeta Darragh

Neeta Darragh

VMware EMEA Sales Enablement and Activation Lead
I love learning! I love people! What better way to combine them both than in enablement! I have been fortunate to have had some amazing roles in very well-known technology companies. Currently, I am part of a unique synergy organisation at VMware that brings together the power of VMware software and Dell hardware, which has provided a fertile environment to develop some pretty unique enablement programs. I am really looking forward to sharing our learnings, as well as learning from other people in the industry.
Stephen Pegler

Stephen Pegler

Thomas International Head of Sales Enablement
Performance and development is Stephen's passion, getting the best out of himself and others. Stephen strives for excellence and thrives in fast paced environments that encourage autonomy, creativity and focus on results. Stephan has 20 years experience building talent development and enablement programs, teams and functions with a reputation for innovative and pragmatic solutions.
Laura Valerio

Laura Valerio

Vodafone Global Head of Sales Enablement
I've had the privilege of working with highly talented people at scaled, innovative, fast-paced companies like Expedia, Deliveroo, and Vodafone to help them accelerate growth, empowering highly effective sales teams. My experience spans global business development to local in-field sales team management, alongside hands-on management of commercial initiatives for consumer-facing points of sale. This has given me a holistic approach to business, which has proven critical to being successful at sales enablement. Fueled by a passion for partnering with sales leaders on delivering results, I think creatively on strategy and its execution. I consider myself an ‘orchestrator’ across the business, eager to lead and connect people to align on objectives, to simplify and I am thrilled by fast-paced environments. As an enabler, I have been focused on increasing global sales team productivity through the implementation of innovative, measurable, agile enablement programs, leading and rolling out initiatives at an enterprise level to reach multi-million-dollar targets. I’m also a strong advocate of digital transformation and sales effectiveness, as evidenced by consistent participation in the sales transformation and enablement network.
“Thanks to the conference, I felt more confident and encouraged after the day about implementing salestech”
Attendee, Serco

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The Brewery

52 Chiswell Street, , London EC1Y 4SD


Brewery entrance
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Take the Northern Line towards Morden on the London Underground

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Walk north on Moorgate/A501  for 7 minutes

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  • 3 Halls of Case Study Content
  • Event Networking
  • Interviews
  • Panel Debates
  • Lunch Provided
  • After-Event Drinks
  • Registrations are subject to approval


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