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Engage B2B Awards Yearbook

Engage B2B Awards Yearbook

Welcome to the Engage B2B Awards Yearbook – a publication that’s designed to inspire and celebrate excellence in B2B Sales through the fantastic achievements of our 2022 winners.

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Sales Velocity: The Crucial Equation Powering Today’s Best Sales Teams

The Sales Velocity equation is enabling today’s most successful sales leaders to generate 
more money, more quickly. In this How-to Guide, we explore what sales velocity is, what it will help you achieve, and how to drive it.

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Selling in a Tough Climate

On a good day, 53% of why a client will choose you is the sales experience you offer. In times of uncertainty, this is greatly exaggerated. Buyers will choose the salesperson that understands their own unique challenges and can show them the way forward.


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Customer Retention for Your Multichannel Loyalty Programme

Building customer loyalty is not just about offering reward points and promotions: it’s also the effort a brand shows in addressing customer needs, eliminating friction points, and adding value to interactions across every channel.


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