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If you have a sales engagement question, want to know more about attending our events or speaking and sponsorship opportunities — or anything else related to improving the sales experience — use the form on this page. One of our team will then be in touch.

Want a quick answer? Try these FAQs:

Are Engage Sales events in person or online?

Mostly in person, but we also offer virtual and hybrid (mixing in-person and online streaming).

See more about our events by using the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Who speaks at Engage Sales events?
We get speakers from the biggest companies who lead the way to build effective, contemporary sales experiences. These people have been there and done it themselves and are here to share their learnings directly with you.
Can we purchase multiple tickets for events?

Absolutely, yes. It’s common for multiple people from the same company to attend our events together.

Where do in-person Engage Sales events take place?

We have a couple of regular venues in London that we've found to be perfect in our 10+ years of running these events. You’ll find out more on the relevant event page.

What kind of people attend Engage Sales events?

Directors, C-Suite and Head of level senior management are typical. The people in the company with the authority to make business-level changes. They are the typical audience at these events.

What’s the link between Engage Sales and the companies whose logos are on this website?

Our speakers have come from the biggest names in business and we’re proud to have shared their learnings at our events.

We’re also pleased and proud to call many of these companies our sponsors: This helps make sure our online community can continue to reach thousands upon thousands of people every day and our events so successful.