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How to Translate GTM Strategy to Sales

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By Luba Reynolds, Managing Director at Sales Expand Ltd.

In the current innovation climate with the significant number of new products on the market, it is not easy to comprehend product updates, features, and benefits. Besides, many companies are currently in acquisition mood, buying new products via M&A processes. In addition, marketeers are becoming more skilled and faster at driving new commercial strategies that can confuse any seller.

Without understanding the commercial strategy, sellers may not be effective enough in articulating the benefits of new products to customers, manifesting in poor sales results. Aligning Sales and Go-to-market commercial strategy is a very important step towards achieving successful sales results.


  1. Make sure the sales team understand why the company is selling the product. This can be done by explaining standard customer needs that the company products/services address and offering a comprehensive competitive products analysis. This is particularly important during the acquisition period. Try to explain what additional product the company brings to the market and, most importantly, why it will help each seller to achieve targets with better earning potential.
  2. Explain what the sales team will be selling to the customer, making sure they understand the product. Some products are very complex, but sales reps need to grasp the main selling point of the product quickly. Creating effective sales messages, pitching techniques, proposal templates, and mock deals practicing should help.
  3. Articulate how sellers will be selling the product. This includes commercial and legal terms, pricing and discounts, contractual and service terms and, of course, the whole sales process.
  4. Finally, do not forget about Sales Targets and supporting Systems and Processes! The sales team needs to be clear on targets, the system for supporting their accounts and the process they must follow when communicating with the customers.

Most importantly, do not forget that Sales need a ‘digestive’ format of information and clear explanation. Moreover, they need to be able to access information regarding deals easily and on very short notice. We all remember the typical request: “Give me a presentation for tomorrow.” Well-structured Sales plays, clear processes and structured system support are the key fundamentals for this. Lastly, do not forget about training your salespeople and make sure this is targeted, well-structured, and at the point of need.

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