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The Secret Sales Success Silver Bullet Birth

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What if the immortal scene from Blackadder Goes Forth… you know, the one with the bullet, was re-written in the context of sales? Would it go something like this?

Blackadder: “Baldrick what are you doing?”

Baldrick: “I am carving the tips to instant sales success into a silver bullet”

Blackadder: “Why?”

Baldrick: “Because I have a cunning plan!”

Blackadder: “Do tell…”

Baldrick: “Well captain, every sales leader seeks to overcome perceived difficulties in revenue growth and the barriers competitors and customer present instantly.”

Blackadder: “Baldrick have you been at the paraffin oil again? You mean SELL MORE?”

Baldrick: “Err, yeah if you like. But it occurs to me that if I could carve the answer onto this bullet, then lots of sales people and their leaders will pay me for it and all their revenue issues will disappear.”

Blackadder: “Baldrick that the worst idea since… hang on a minute. It’s genius, I could make a fortune and get out of this wrenched war at once!”

Baldrick: “You could get out of this war?”

Blackadder; “That’s right we, we… I phone the general at once. Get packing Baldrick, we’re out of here.”

Not end of scene … but scene set … for the next thirty years…


Sales leaders are often under significant pressure to deliver results quickly and consistently. In an effort to meet their expectations, they may become fixated on finding a “silver bullet” – a single solution that will magically solve all of their sales challenges.

The problem with this approach is that there is no single solution or strategy that can address all the complex challenges of sales. The sales process is highly complex and multifaceted, and it requires a combination of strategies, tactics, and skills to succeed. A singular approach is unlikely to be effective in all situations and across all markets, industries, and customer segments.

Further, the search for a silver bullet often leads to a focus on short-term gains, which can come at the expense of long-term success. Sales leaders may be tempted to try solutions that promise immediate results but do not address underlying issues that may be hindering sales performance.

Ultimately, the search for a silver bullet can be counterproductive and lead to wasted time, resources and money. Sales leaders need to take a more strategic and comprehensive approach to sales, developing a deep understanding of their customers, markets, and competition, and leveraging a range of tools and techniques to achieve their goals.

This requires a focus on continuous learning, experimentation, and improvement, rather than a search for a quick-fix solution. By adopting a more holistic approach to sales leadership, sales leaders can build strong, sustainable sales organisations that deliver long-term results.

What are your thoughts on long term vs silver bullet?


By Andrew Hough, Founder and Director of the Institute of Sales Professionals

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