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2023 Engage B2B Awards: The Success Stories

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Find out how the 2023 winners impressed our judges this year.

Last night, we held our annual Engage B2B Awards, celebrating the innovative sales engagement strategies of companies from all over the globe. Our glittering Awards Ceremony took place at The Brewery in London, where the British comedian Suzi Ruffell delighted the audience and announced the 2023 winners.

Find out which companies received an award this year and what they did to impress our judges below.



The marketing agency Just Global won the Best Example of Sales Enablement award for enhancing the sales process for Tata Consultancy Service (TCS). As part of their sales enablement initiative, Just Global and TCS held an in-person event which was preceded by a highly targeted ABM campaign.

To promote TCS’ ‘The Future of Finance: Discover tomorrow’s opportunities’ event, Just Global wrote a personalised email kit featuring personalised VIP invitations, which TCS then sent out to their contacts. For a wider outreach, they ran display ads and digital LinkedIn ads to attract more delegates.

By creating a continual cycle of comms, content and webinars, Just Global successfully built their own lead factory. They then harnessed the data they collected, turning it into content that TCS’ sales team could use to enhance their sales process.

“Creating an in-person event as part of an overarching campaign with a focus on sales enablement, that actually delivers quantifiable results is no mean feat – especially when key c-suite professionals within the BSFI sector are so difficult to engage with,” Just Global wrote in their entry.


Marketstar received the Best Use of Technology in Sales award for embracing experimentation and agility. To help improve the process efficiency for their client, Marketstar incorporated the below:

  • A state-of-the-art tool to boost sales rep performance.
  • An appointment scheduling and ticketing system to save time and improve response rates.
  • An on-demand coding training app to equip reps with knowledge and skills.
  • A plugin that optimises after-call work activities.
  • A Chrome extension that enables ecommerce websites to efficiently update their product listings on various shopping platforms.

As a result, they increased their client’s Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), improved their product adoption rate, accelerated revenue generation, and promoted the adoption of new offerings.


The marketing agency Ledger Bennett earned the Great Place to Work award for transforming their culture after changing their CEO at the start of 2022. The agency replaced more than half of their leadership team during the year, pushing for a culture shift that promoted diversity, equity and inclusion.

As part of this, HR worked closely with Ledger Bennett’s new CEO to create as much stability and transparency as possible as new executives were being onboarded, allowing them to voice their work preferences, communication styles and expectations.

The agency further shrunk the gender pay gap they discovered, putting more women in senior roles and transforming their hiring process. Furthermore, they launched numerous initiatives designed to enhance employee engagement by introducing an employee recognition programme, a volunteering scheme, mentorship opportunities, flexible and remote working, unlimited annual leave, and more.

“This work has had the desired results as our employees tell us they feel engaged, and beyond that have a sense of trust, purpose, and unity,” the winners wrote.


RevOps Automated won the Innovation in Sales award for maximising EVC’s business growth by streamlining their sales funnel, fostering better communication and collaboration across all departments. The main challenges they sought to tackle were a broken sales funnel and siloed data.

To address this, RevOps Automated helped EVC connect all their systems together, creating a singular view of the customer journey. Taking this further, they created a personalised system linking sales, customer service and marketing to give a full view of the customer journey.

“We needed to be the linchpin that connected the dots to ensure a seamless customer experience from start to finish to ensure greater market share and future funding,” RevOps Automated wrote in their entry.


Nina Humphrey, Digital Marketing Executive at Hymans Robertson LLP, was recognised in the Best Of – Industry Trailblazers Under 30 category for raising the company’s profile on LinkedIn and building engagement with its communities. When she first started, Nina set up an Employee Advocacy Programme, which began as a 3-month pilot with just 20 people and now features nearly 130 consultants.

Despite this being Nina’s first full-time marketing job, she has successfully helped the company build the confidence and skills of their consultants, enabling them to use LinkedIn effectively. She has further demonstrated the value of social media to the business and increased engagement via their people (rather than the brand).

“Nina is an incredibly effective marketer. She has wrapped her head around an incredibly complex business, has driven forward a programme that our people weren't receptive to initially and made it into a huge success. We have people approach her to join the programme. She has transformed how we use social media and has helped us raise the profile of various parts of the business,” Hymans Robertson revealed.

Considering that the Engage B2B Awards received a record-breaking number of entries this year, we would like to extend our congratulations to the award winners once more!

Over the coming weeks, we will be conducting interviews with the 2023 winners and sharing their success stories.

Those interested in entering the 2024 Engage Awards can do so from January 22nd.

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