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The 10 Qualities of a Great Sales Leader

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Without an effective sales leader, even the most talented team of sales reps can miss their revenue goals. To be a leader who can drive their team to success, you need to possess a range of different qualities – it is not enough to simply be good at selling.

Sales leaders have to be able to analyse the market, make data-based decisions, understand their product, align their goals with the company’s vision, train sales reps, and ensure a positive work environment for their team. In other words, they need to possess a variety of skills and qualities.


  1. Having an eye for talent

While the sales leader may not be the one with the final say when it comes to hiring reps, they should be the ones to set the criteria. To build a great sales team, they need to know exactly the kind of people they want to hire and the qualities they should have.

  1. Being an excellent coach and motivator

Considering that one of the main roles of a sales leader is to train their team, they need to have a natural ability to mentor and inspire reps. Taking this further, they should be able to inspire their team members to reach their goals without using threats or evoking fear.

  1. Being analytical and data-driven

As previously mentioned, sales leaders must be able to analyse the market and make data-based decisions. An effective sales leader knows that all sales-related decisions must be backed up by hard data.

  1. Being able to set the correct goals

Do you have a good understanding of your company’s mission? If not, you will most likely find it difficult to set goals and KPIs. A great leader should be able to set targets that are aligned with the company’s vision in order to drive growth.

  1. Having in-depth product knowledge

This point may be an obvious one but it is one of the most important qualities of an effective sales leader. To plan an outstanding sales strategy, you have to know your products in depth and be aware of the uses and problems customers have reported.

  1. Being tech-savvy

In today’s world, sales leaders must keep themselves informed of the most recent advancements in the sales tech world. More importantly, they should not be afraid of adopting new technologies. Otherwise, they risk falling behind their competitors.

  1. Being resilient

Expanding on the previous point, a great sales leader should also be resilient. This is more important than ever before, considering the countless challenges that sales teams are having to face today. An exceptional leader must be skilled at leading through uncertainty, adapting to changes, and rebounding from adversity.

  1. Knowing when to lead

This point applies to anyone who is in a leadership role, regardless of the industry they work in. A great leader is someone who intuitively knows when to lead. They trust their team members and do not micromanage them. At the same time, they do not let go of the steering wheel completely, making sure that their team knows they can rely on them for guidance.

  1. Being a good listener

While you may be responsible for planning your sales strategy and setting goals, you must also be open to receiving feedback from your team members. Sometimes, our ideas may seem failproof in theory but then fall short in practice. Considering that it is your reps who are the ones ‘in the trenches’, you should always encourage them to speak up when they think something could be improved.

  1. Being self-aware

Last but not least, a great sales leader is someone who is self-aware. To lead a team, you should have an excellent grasp of both your strengths and your weaknesses. Further highlighting the previous point, an effective leader is open to feedback and constructive criticism, knowing that there is always room for improvement. Most importantly, they are aware of how their emotions can impact their reps and affect the overall performance of the team.


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