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Tracking Software and Going beyond the Analytics

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With the increasing amount of sales occurring online, and the need to know at what stage potential and actual customers are in their journey, the Sales Engagement Summit 2024 will turn the discussion this September to the role that tracking plays, and why salespeople and their organisations need to go well beyond the analytics.

The synopsis for the event explains: “We’re able to track buyer journeys in ways that have never been possible before, with organisations who are using tracking methodologies seeing huge success in transforming their buyer journeys and conversion rates.”

My question is therefore: how is your organisation managing to use tracking software in a way that permits you to go beyond the data analysis? The key reasoning is that while tracking may tell us someone visited a particular site, or liked some specific content on social media, or on a webpage, it may not in any way tell us what exactly motivated that person.


As sales becomes more online, and increasing automated with marketing automation platforms, there is still a need for granularity - gained by encouraging customers to content you. KYC – know your customer shouldn’t just be about regulatory compliance, it should be about how you can better know your customer to achieve higher levels of sales.

This starts certainly with tracking customer journeys through the sales pipeline, but what needs to be done to enhance success as a result of encouraging and facilitating customer interaction?


Let me know your thoughts, content me with your article ideas for Engage Sales on the role of tracking software and your tips on how going beyond analytics can improve sales performance. I’d also be interested to what you consider to be the role of salespeople in an ever online world.

By Graham Jarvis - Editor

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