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Everyone is surrounded by sales, marketing, and advertising noise. What defines that noise is whatever customers don’t feel is of value to them. So, instead of creating ‘noise’, salespeople and even e-commerce platforms need to create ‘sweeter melodies’ that are in tune with what they value as customers. Without the ability to communicate value, there is no sales engagement or for that matter, there can be no sales enablement.

Mark Savinson, a trusted business advisor with extensive experience across a range of business functions and sectors, says the answer is to take a rational approach to understanding what really drives customer buying decisions – and this is even more pertinent in the B2B space. The answer isn’t in fear, and he says it’s often not found in following the latest unproven or unvalidated sales methodology. The key to success is to be adaptable to the needs of the buyer.

Fundamentals of sales

In his article he talks about the fundamentals of sales, whether or not the old ways of sales are alive or dead, and whether salespeople should focus on becoming a trusted advisor. Consider whether cold calling is dead, or is it still an invaluable sales tool? In a time where there are so many scam and spam calls, it can be hard to connect with customers. Genuine salespeople therefore have to find ways to demonstrate they can be trusted before they can sell.

Sales Engagement Summit

Sales Engagement Summit 2024 is not far ahead of us now – on 25th September - connecting with the theme explored by Mark are topics such as the importance of experience in selling. Customer experience is a key differentiator, and so the sales process has to offer a better experience than a competitor offers. In traditional sales, training and experience, can enable it to happen.

Discover how you can improve your customer experience as part of your sales enablement strategy. Learn more about connecting with customers, too, in Mark Savinson’s article for Engage Sales on ‘How To ‘Cut Through The Noise’ of Sales.’


By Graham Jarvis, Editor

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