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Gen AI to Execute 60% of Seller Work by 2028, Gartner Predicts

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Do you use Generative AI to streamline your processes and save time?  

If you are not already doing so, chances are you definitely will be within the next 5 years. According to recent research by Gartner, a whopping 60% of seller work will be executed by Generative AI technologies by 2028. This percentage is striking when considering that Gen AI facilitates less than 5% of seller work in 2023. 


With the rise of Generative AI, sellers will no longer have to spend hours reviewing disparate data sources to inform their tactics and messaging. Instead, Generative AI will streamline these processes, transforming how sellers capture and use complex data signals. Expanding on this, Director Analyst in the Gartner Sales Practice, Adnan Zijadic, explained: 

“By combining external and internal data sources, and automation complex manual processes, generative AI will unlock a richer understanding of target audiences and usher in a new era of sales decision-making. This shift will see sales technology moving from being just a tool to truly becoming a teammate.”  

Taking this further, Gartner also predicts that 30% of outbound messages from large organisations will be written using AI. Moreover, Generative AI technologies will help execute up to 14% of sales planning, 15% of customer meeting prep, and 14% of deal negotiation.  

“One of the most transformative use cases of generative AI will be process automation. CSOs should invest in AI readiness and data maturity to ensure they’re ready to embrace this highly impactful use case,” Zijadic advised. 

It is important to note that Zijadic further revealed Gartner expects 35% of CROs to invest in a centralised ‘GenAI Operations’ team over the next few years.  

Earlier this year, our regular guest author Phil Hobden shared his tips on mastering AI and ChatGPT for sales; if you want to stay ahead of the curve and adopt Generative AI before your competition does, read Phil’s tips here. 

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