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Engage Magazine: Our March Issue is Now Online!

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Today, the world seems to be moving at an extraordinarily fast pace.

With the constant advancements and developments in technology, organisations and individuals are finding it challenging to keep up and stay ahead of the curve. For years, we at Engage Business Media have been committed to bringing you insights and advice from those leading the way, showcasing their exemplary engagement strategies at our events and conferences.

In our latest issue of the Engage Magazine, we are now sharing some of these examples by reporting the key highlights of our recent Sales Engagement Summit (pgs. 4-6), as well as the success stories of our 2023 Engage Awards winners (pgs. 20-25). We are also excited to feature several articles and opinion pieces by contributors from industry-leading organisations, including Consalia, Forrester, Flume Sales Training, and others.

In the pages of this issue, Dr Philip Squire, Founder and CEO at Consalia, reveals why he believes values – not competencies – are the key to sales transformation (pgs. 8-9). Meanwhile, Simon Daniels, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, explains how saying goodbye to MQLs can drive sales and marketing alignment (pgs. 10-11), and Flume’s Head of Client Growth, Katie Leaver, shares her top tips to speed up decisions (pgs. 18-19).

In addition to these pieces, we are bringing you articles covering a variety of other topics, such as sales and revenue enablement (pgs. 12-13), the cost of discounting (pgs. 14-15), and mastering ChatGPT for sales (pgs. 16-17). In other words, we have done our best to ensure that this issue has something for each one of our readers.

As the Editor of Engage Sales, I would like to thank all our contributors and everyone who took part in the creation of this magazine.

Download the magazine here.

Happy reading!


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