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Synergy leads to success – why sales and marketing need to collaborate

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By Anna Sudbury and Nicola Myles

Sales and marketing teams have traditionally been seen as at odds with each other, with each team believing that their contribution to the company's success is more significant than the other. Whilst I don’t believe this is a helpful narrative, there is truth in the fact that sales and marketing teams that work together are incredibly powerful, and together can generate more leads and more revenue. At Flume, we are a small team, so collaboration is even more important. Here’s how we do it:


Marketers need to understand the challenges that sales teams face when selling, while salespeople need to provide marketing teams with feedback on the type of leads that convert into sales. With a shared understanding of the target audience, sales and marketing teams can develop more effective campaigns that are tailored to the needs of their customers.


Our sales team interacts with prospects and customers on a daily basis. We have a wealth of information that our marketing team can use to create more targeted campaigns. By sharing this information, we help create content that speaks directly to the pain points and needs of our prospects – and that’s good for everyone. Right now, for example, we are hearing that hiring freezes are impacting sales teams, who are having to do more with less. Our marketing team can use this intel to curate messaging that speaks to the heart of the issue, and provides a solution.


We work with Marketing to develop content that is specifically designed to move prospects further down the sales funnel. Perhaps that is a case study or testimonial, maybe it’s a blog, podcast or social media post. We tell stories and demonstrate how our product has helped other businesses overcome similar challenges. By showcasing real-life examples of Flume’s training in action, we can help prospects envision how we can benefit their business.


Regular comms and an open door (or Zoom link!) policy means we are frequently in touch. We can adapt to a big news story that might affect our marketing. We can ensure our messaging is aligned, eliminating confusion and missed opportunities. And our prospects receive consistent messaging whenever they come into contact with us.


Perhaps a marketing campaign has delivered some great leads, or maybe sales has closed a tricky, high-value deal. We recognise the contribution of both sales and marketing (and often other members of the team!) when we are successful. This builds stronger relationships, reinforces collaboration, and gives us an excuse for Happy Hour. Cheers!

When sales and marketing teams work together, everyone wins. And that’s why this article was co-authored by Flume’s Head of Sales, Anna Sudbury, and our Head of Marketing, Nicky Myles.

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