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Prepare for the Future of Sales on the 7th of March

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On Thursday the 7th of March, we will be exploring the evolution of sales and what the future might look like. More specifically, our Future of Sales Conference will zero in on the importance of enabling sales teams and how providing them with innovative tools will help them to stand out. Taking place at The Brewery in London, this event will feature case studies by world-class organisations such as Amazon Web Services, Aon, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), Eckoh, Equifax, Forrester, Huthwaite, PwC, RingCentral, S&P Global, Salesloft, SurveyMonkey, and others. 

Speakers will cover a wide range of topics, from sales enablement and the modern buyer journey through to onboarding and training. Furthermore, they will delve into personalisation in sales, the top trends in remote selling, how to engage buyers in the way they want to be engaged, and how to innovate the sales process. In addition to this, our speakers will also reveal what they are doing to align their marketing and sales teams. 


To stress the importance of aligning teams, our Future of Sales conference will take place in conjunction with our Future of Marketing conference. The two events will converge at the start of the day then split into different halls and come together once again at the end. 

The day will begin with a much-anticipated keynote presentation by Simon Daniels, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. Simon will address why many businesses are moving away from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to buying groups and opportunities. During this session, attendees will find out why now is the time to ditch leads, how to address the top concerns when making this transformation and the benefits that buying groups deliver.

Simon’s session will be followed by a presentation titled “How Solving “The 2080 Problem” Will Unlock Your Revenue Efficiency”. This will be led by Rob Cook, VP of Enterprise Sales EMEA at Salesloft, who will reveal that sellers have only 2,080 hours to sell annually and that just a third of this time is spent in front of sellers. Taking this further, he will discuss the challenges of traditional sales analytics and present his core principles on how to operationalise insights to win in today’s market.

Bana Kawar, Senior Sales and Revenue Enablement Lead at Amazon Web Services, will take the stage shortly after. Her session is certainly not to be missed as it will unveil how AWS are aligning sales and marketing strategies to build a competitive GTM strategy that drives customer-focused success.


Designed to help you transform your sales operations, our conference will further present you with ‘researched universal sales truths’ established by industry experts.

That is, Huthwaite International’s Head of Learning Innovation, Robin Hoyle, will hold an insightful presentation titled ‘Why the best salespeople are two-faced’. During this session, Robin will address the mistakes salespeople make with customers and organisations, the power of persuasion, and how to identify and overcome communication challenges to make things actually happen.

Another speaker who will explore how we can transform the way we sell and ‘reactivate the engine’ is Alina Spatariu, Sales Enablement Manager at RingCentral. In an exclusive fireside chat with Andrew Hough, CEO and Founder of the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP), Alina will look at the pandemic’s effect on the industry and how to sell in a post-COVID world. Together, they will discuss the challenges salespeople face, how Enablement can support sales teams, the importance of onboarding, and more.


The day will conclude with a panel discussion titled ‘Aligning Sales and Marketing for Unified Success’. During this discussion, industry experts will share their expertise in creating a seamless collaboration between teams. Our panellists will be: 

  • Ingrid Sierra, Marketing Director at Finfare
  • Olga de Giovanni, Head of Marketing at Ebiquity
  • Nader Ahmed Hamad, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at Medallia
  • Stuart Nicholls, Head of Client Enablement Columbia at Threadneedle Investments
  • Kieran Smith, GTM Enablement & Productivity Lead at Staffbase

Designed to equip you with actionable tactics to help you create a harmonised ecosystem, this panel discussion will explore proven strategies, best practices and real-world insights that bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


Make sure you equip yourself with all the tools you need to prepare for the future of sales by securing your (FREE!) ticket today. Guaranteeing more than just your entry to the conference, your ticket also gives you access to our Engage event app, food prepared by ex-Nobu chef Tom Gore, and our latest issue of the Engage Magazine.

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