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Why People Buy From People

In this episode, our Guest Host Raoul Monks is joined by Beth Standlee, Author of People Buy From People. 

Listen now to hear Beth’s:

  • Number one piece of advice for someone in a sales role.
  • Most successful or memorable sale she’s ever made, and what was so great about it.
  • Thoughts on formulas and processes for sales.
  • Thoughts on the relationship between sales and marketing.
  • Views on what salespeople are struggling with today.
  • Feelings about salespeople using creative and unique titles.
Raoul Monks

Raoul Monks

Flume Founder and CEO
Raoul is the Founder and CEO of Flume Sales Training and a global thought leader on B2B sales. He cuts through the noise surrounding sales and simplifies complex research into actionable insights that are 100% focussed on driving revenue.
Beth Standlee

Beth Standlee

CEO & Founder of Trainertainment/ Author of People Buy From People
I'm a mom, wife of 40+ years to Jerry who passed away in 2021, author, speaker, and CEO. My passion is to serve. I believe the world would be a better place if we "got it" that we were here to serve one another. In my personal life, I'm always happy to do something with my children, or close friends. In my work life, my mission is to grow people and in turn grow their businesses.

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