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Strategic Revenue Plans at Adobe

Puja Rios, Chief Revenue Officer at Adobe delves into her role of rescaling the business and doubling yearly revenue. Puja allows us an insight to the four pillars key to improving a business’s revenue: Data, brand, competition, and marketing.

Puja goes into detail of the 7-step selling process religiously used at Adobe. The key outcome of this process is, identifying the roadmap you can provide to your customers – what clear difference will they see down the line if they buy today?

At Puja’s previous company, she took it upon herself over a 6-year period to further integrate women in the workplace and senior/executive management team. Puja improved maternity terms within the company as well as creating a 50/50 split of men and women in the senior/executive management team. However, she recalls her biggest challenge in her career as, the merge of Frame and Adobe.

It is essential for Adobe to use a platform that allows all levels of staff to be added to, to share data and call recordings for solving issues, sales training, and effective sales enablement.
Puja sees the future of sales enablement will be aided by smarter technology. Technology will allow sales representatives to get insight into what buyers have already researched, before approaching your company for a product. Furthermore, technology will allow sales representatives to do what they do best, close a deal, and leave technology to do the initial and mid stages of selling. 

Puja Rios

Puja Rios

Adobe Chief Revenue Officer
Puja Bhola Rios is the Chief Revenue Officer at, a cloud-based video collaboration platform. Previous to, Puja spent 7 years at Xerox and 13 years at CareerBuilder as their SVP of Enterprise Sales and Customer Success. While at CareerBuilder, Puja founded and ran her company’s Women’s Alliance, CareerBuildHER. In addition, she sits on the Executive Board of Bright Pink and prides herself on her work as a Chronic Pain advocate and blogger. She is the author of the Huffington Post feature blog, 'Me vs. Fibromyalgia,' as well as a contributor to Thrive Global, The Mighty, and New Life Outlook. Puja lives in Miami Beach with her husband and 2 dogs, JZ and RiRi.

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