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Selling With a Noble Purpose

In this insightful episode, our podcast host, CEO & Founder of Flume Sales Training Raoul Monks is joined by Founder of McLeod & More, Lisa Earle McLeod. Together they have discussed:

  • What fundamental changes have happened to the workforce post-COVID?
  • How have customers changed?
  • Why is a sense of purpose more important now?
  • Why are so many salespeople burning out?
  • How can salespeople feel a sense of purpose when they are working virtually and facing constant rejection?
  • Why is sales a ‘noble’ profession?


Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa Earle McLeod

Mcleod & More Founder
Lisa Earle McLeod is the author of Selling with Noble Purpose, she works with leaders at companies like LinkedIn and Hilton to help them drive revenue and increase engagement. 
Raoul Monks

Raoul Monks

Flume Founder and CEO
Raoul is the Founder and CEO of Flume Sales Training and a global thought leader on B2B sales. He cuts through the noise surrounding sales and simplifies complex research into actionable insights that are 100% focussed on driving revenue.

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