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Sales Enablement at Thomas International

Stephen Pegler, Head of Sales Enablement at Thomas International, took part in a fireside chat with the CEO of Flume Sales Training, Raoul Monks.

Together, the two discussed the role of sales enablement, the importance of technology in sales, the future of sales tech and Thomas International’s sales tech strategy.

Some of the questions Raoul asked included:

  • Having been in your role for over a decade, how would you describe the changes in sales tech?
  • What is your favourite bit of sales tech that you use?
  • What tech is Thomas International interested in for its future?


Stephen Pegler

Stephen Pegler

Thomas International Head of Sales Enablement
Performance and development is Stephen's passion, getting the best out of himself and others. Stephen strives for excellence and thrives in fast paced environments that encourage autonomy, creativity and focus on results. Stephan has 20 years experience building talent development and enablement programs, teams and functions with a reputation for innovative and pragmatic solutions.

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