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Global Onboarding and Role Based Training at Oracle

Ever wondered what it would be like working for a global leader in enterprise software and IT solutions? Join our exclusive interview with Jonathan Williams, Senior Director, Global Onboarding and Role Based Training at Oracle as he tells us more about his role, recent projects, and future plans.

Jonathan Williams

Oracle Senior Director, Global Onboarding and Role Based Training
Jonathan is a global sales performance leader with more than 15 years of experience enabling and training international sales teams. In 10+ years at Oracle, Jonathan has led teams specializing in product and solutions training as well as sales skills and methodologies, combining that experience in now leading global onboarding and role-based training for Oracle’s Sales and Partner Academy. His focus is on helping Oracle’s global technology and cloud solutions teams grow into more effective customer champions and in supporting learner experiences, from onboarding to role progression and in-role performance acceleration. He is motivated by the belief that internal customer experience determines the external customer experience! Originally from the UK, Jonathan relocated to the US in 2013 and has been based out of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul ever since. He has also lived in Japan and Germany. Prior to joining Oracle, Jonathan started his career in training and operations at Sun Microsystems and the British Ministry of Defence.

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