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Why You Need to Embrace Two Faced strategies in the New Era of Buying

24th April from 12PM - 12:45PM

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Join us for a bold discussion as we delve into the dynamic realm of modern sales strategies. Having collaborated with thousands of sales professionals, sales enablement teams, marketers, and sales leaders, we have witnessed remarkable successes, as well as huge skills gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Drawing from this wealth of experience, we've uncovered universal truths applicable across diverse sales teams, industries, and roles.  Join us in this session to explore these researched insights that offer valuable lessons for all.

Key highlights include:

  • Identifying common mistakes and misconceptions hindering sales professionals, both in their customer interactions and organisational approaches, including practical solutions for improvement.
  • How the power of persuasion can amplify the influence and impact of customer-focused teams, bolstering overall sales efforts.
  • Strategies for overcoming communication challenges, both internal and external, to effectively drive initiatives and make tangible progress.

Unlock the secrets to successful selling in the modern landscape with our comprehensive exploration of these essential topics.

Jo Derriman

Jo Derriman

Huthwaite International Senior Client Director

Jo has worked in sales and people development for over 17 years. In her role as Senior Client Director, Jo collaborates with clients to effectively explore, manage and 
implement new initiatives in Huthwaite commercial skills globally. 

To bring behaviour change at all levels within an organisation, Jo routinely liaises with Clevel executives, going the extra mile and exceeding clients’ expectations to ensure 
credible relationships.

With her commercial acumen, she consistently drives long-term sustainable growth, exceeds sales targets and speaks as the voice of the customer to drive innovation within Huthwaite, now and in the future.

Jo takes a holistic approach when engaging with C-suite and senior teams, utilising her 
training skills to facilitate top team events, conferences and product launches.

As a commercially focussed consultant, Jo is able to respectfully challenge thinking from 
classroom learning to real-world application, with the aim that each interaction should 
add value and deliver improved business results for her clients.

She has a natural facilitative style, and believes that audience engagement and 
participation, along with enjoyment and real-world application is paramount to the 
learning experience.

Robin Hoyle

Robin Hoyle

Huthwaite International Head of Learning Innovation

Robin has spent almost three decades as a strategic L&D leader, trainer and consultant. As a writer and blogger he focuses on workforce development policies, learning strategies, tools and techniques. He has written two books, ‘Informal Learning in Organizations: How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture’ and ‘Complete Training: From Recruitment to Retirement’. Robin is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and the Chair of the World of Learning Conference. In his role as Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International, he is exploring routes to enhancing the learning experience and the impact of all Huthwaite’s sales, communication and negotiation training and learning interventions.

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