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The Secret to Sales: How to Build a Video Selling Strategy

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Rebecca Drew, EMEA Sales Leader, Vidyard

Video is one of a sales reps most powerful tools in a virtual selling toolkit. But if you don’t use video properly in a sales strategy, then you won’t get the most out of your prospecting and outreach.

75% of top-performing sales pros say that video increases their response rates. And what more do we want than engagement from our prospects! Reading through a text-heavy email inbox can make prospects feel unhappy and stressed, but watching a video reverses that effect, making them more receptive to your pitch.

Join Vidyard’s EMEA Sales Leader, Rebecca Drew, as she breaks down why having a video strategy is so important to your team’s success and how to use it properly. You’ll learn how a video strategy can help your team: Capture the attention of prospects Spend more time selling Measure outreach performance with video analytics

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