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The Rise of the Revenue Innovator: How to Thrive in the Digital Business Environment

  • Sales Engagement Summit
  • Tom Castley, VP of EMEA, Outreach

As we now look ahead towards the next financial year, we're in the midst of great societal and business transformation, coupled with unprecedented technological advancements in the revenue space.

Drawing from recent research, Tom Castley, Outreach's VP of EMEA, will spend time exploring key buying and selling trends and the emergence of a new breed of Revenue Innovator - those who put buyers at the center of their strategies, arm their sellers with innovative sales technologies, and extensively dive-deep into their data.

Learning takeaways:
- Understand how post-pandemic trends will impact the B2B sales environment
- Learn how sellers can realize their technology-driven destiny
- Discover how to become a Revenue Innovator

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