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Salesloft: How Solving “The 2080 Problem” Will Unlock Your Revenue Efficiency

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Rob Cook, VP Enterprise Sales, EMEA, Salesloft

With only 2,080 hours to sell annually, and with just 1/3 of that time actually spent in front of customers, the struggle intensifies as analytics often fall short in guiding actionable next steps. Traditional solutions leave sales leaders bewildered, with just 3% experiencing positive impacts on seller performance.

Rob Cook, VP EMEA Enterprise & UK Managing Director of Salesloft,  discusses the challenges of traditional sales analytics and his core principles on how to operationalise insights to win in today's market.

Rob Cook

Rob Cook

Salesloft VP Enterprise Sales, EMEA

Rob is responsible for driving sales & marketing transformation within the Enterprise space for Salesloft EMEA.

Rob supports the GTM teams that partner with customers to increase pipeline and market coverage, improve deal velocity, win rates and uplift sales team productivity and performance.

Over the last 15 years, with his experience at Adobe, Oracle and Dell EMC, he has developed a deep understanding and passion towards client support to redefine workflows and business processes, driving an enhanced customer experience and revenue outcomes.

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