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Remote Rollout of Sales Methodology - 1 Year On

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Aaron Spencer, Sales Enablement Leader, Coursera

The 2022 Future of Salestech heard from Aaron Spencer, Sales Enablement Leader at Coursera on their remote rollout of sales methodology. Coursera’s vision is ‘a world where, anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning’.

Coursera have 3 lines of revenue: Coursera for Business, Coursera for Campus and Coursera for government.

Prior to 2020 Coursera had 40 million users and as of March 2022 they now have 97 million members using Coursera to learn something new. As a result of this growth, Coursera increased their global sales team by 400%. Although this was an achievement for the business, they needed to ensure that all sales reps knew and represented the brand effectively, to keep customers happy and sustain their NPS Score.

Aaron goes into detail on how they launched Challenger as a sales methodology for 3 reasons:

  1. Universal application
  2. Value not solution selling
  3. Leadership experience

Before Challenger, Coursera’s pitches were 80% vendor focus, now this has been flipped to 80% client focused. In addition to this they implemented a focus on leading the client to the solution themselves rather than starting with the solution.

Aaron discusses the impact of this particular sales methodology, e.g. 78% of sales reps reported they had much more meaningful conversations.

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