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Panel Discussion: Aligning Sales and Marketing for Unified Success

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Ingrid Sierra, Olga de Giovanni, Edurne Rodriguez, Stuart Nicholls, Kieran Smith, Finfare, Ebiquity, Spotify, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Staffbase

In this panel discussion, industry experts share their expertise in creating a seamless collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Explore proven strategies, best practices, and real-world insights that bridge the gap between sales and marketing, allowing for greater success. Our experts share their experiences and approaches to aligning goals, messaging, and metrics. Come away with actionable tactics to create a harmonised ecosystem, driving collective achievements and propelling your organisation to new heights.

Ingrid Sierra_ Clipped

Ingrid Sierra

Finfare Marketing Director

Ingrid is an experienced strategic marketing leader with over two decades of experience in various industries and global markets. She blends her French and British heritage to create dynamic marketing initiatives that drive acquisition, foster loyalty, and amplify brand resonance.

Currently, Ingrid is a Senior Director of Global Marketing at Finfare, where she leads data-driven strategies that drive revenue growth and deepen customer relationships. In the past, she worked as a Vice President at Tenerity, where she pioneered immersive loyalty experiences and spearheaded a wide range of marketing programs in retail, banking, and telecommunications.

In addition to her traditional marketing expertise, Ingrid is well-versed in customer experience design, web 3.0 innovations, and emerging tech landscapes. She navigates effortlessly across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C domains, launching impactful campaigns that resonate globally.

Olga_ Clipped

Olga de Giovanni

Ebiquity Head of Marketing

Olga is Head of Marketing at Ebiquity, the world leader in media investment analysis. In her role, Olga leads the global marketing team driving growth and generating demand through multi-channel marketing programmes. She is a passionate advocate for collaboration.

In her perspective, success hinges on the fusion of people, insights, data, and technology. Beyond her role at Ebiquity, Olga's dedication to responsible and ethical marketing practices is exemplified by her service on the board of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN) as an external marketing consultant. Her involvement in CAN underscores her commitment to elevating industry standards and promoting conscious marketing principles on a global scale.

Edurne Rodriguez

Edurne Rodriguez

Spotify Head of Sales Training & Enablement

A distinguished Senior Leader in Revenue Enablement, Edurne stands out with a legacy of elevating businesses in the UK and European Markets. With over 15 years of experience, Edurne's expertise goes beyond traditional enablement, delving deep into cross-functional collaboration and strategic program design. This holistic approach has not only amplified revenue growth but also strengthened the very core of the businesses they've worked with.

Edurne's strength lies in their ability to envision and execute innovative solutions, always with an eye for detail. This meticulousness ensures that business operations are optimised for maximum profitability. Their cross-functional prowess is evident in their capacity to unite diverse teams, fostering a synergy that drives results. Beyond mere enablement, Edurne has showcased an adeptness in change management, aligning with corporate visions and responding proactively to market shifts.

Stuart Nicholls

Stuart Nicholls

Columbia Threadneedle Investments Head of Client Enablement

Stuart is Managing Director, Head of Client Enablement at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

He Leads delivery of Columbia Threadneedle Investments commercial strategy & asset raising via a more tech enabled, insight led approach to marketing, sales and client management.

Prior to his current role, Stuart spent 11 years at BlackRock most recently with responsibly for Sales Platform innovation and the Insight Selling programme across EMEA & APAC covering >$2tr of client assets.

Stuart started his career as an investment portfolio risk analyst before moving to investment strategy & proposition design with offshore Private Banking for Barclays Wealth.

Outside of work he can be found mountain biking in the Surrey Hills or trying to coax his young family up the nearest mountain.

Kieran Smith (2)

Kieran Smith

Staffbase GTM Enablement & Productivity Lead

Kieran is an award winning and passionate enablement leader who has a keen focus on the impact and measurability of strategic and effective enablement programs that drive revenue performance. Kieran is also a thought leader in the conversation intelligence space and that comes from his passion for coaching and sales as a profession. Kieran is also the host of the Enablement Evolved Podcast.

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