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Leveraging ABM to Drive Sales Effectiveness’

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Arup Chakravarti, Head of Sales Ops and Enablement, Elavon

Arup Chakravarti, Head of Sales Ops and Enablement at Elavon gives us a better understanding of how to leverage ABM (Account Based Management) to drive sales effectiveness. Elavon is the 5th largest payment provider in the UK, with 250,000 customers, Elavon provide businesses with the ability to accept credit or debit card payments.

Arup discusses how Elavon aimed to increase revenue, without proportionally increasing costs in a mechanism. The aim of this mechanism would be to bring the right person, to the right customer, at the right time with the right set of value messages.

Arup describes how Elavon were able to provide Account Managers with the right tools, where they can focus on certain accounts at certain times. Alongside this, Elavon had an aim to have ‘20% of the conversations that will drive 80% of revenue opportunity’.

Another focus for Elavon was proactive retention, focusing on customers that look like they may be leaving. Arup explains how proactive retention was achieved.

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