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Equifax Case Study: Proving the ROI for Sales Enablement Programmes

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Arup Chakravarti, Director of Sales Excellence, Equifax

Arup shares how Equifax used revenue enablement strategies to equip sales teams for GTM success.                                    

This session includes:                               

●       The strategic approach to building an ROI calculation for sales enablement initiatives.
●       Arup showcases a simple model to help build ROI calculations
●       An example of an ROI calculation used to gain approval for a sales enablement platform renewal

Arup Chakravarti

Arup Chakravarti

Equifax Director of Sales Excellence

Arup Chakravarti has deep experience across the sales enablement, sales operations and marketing operations domains.

As far back as 2007, Arup was writing value proposition playbooks, delivering value messaging training, and was involved in deploying SAVO (now Seismic) soon followed by Salesforce CRM - across multiple international markets at American Express.

Today, he leads the Sales Operations and Enablement functions at Equifax Europe, is a Fellow of The Institute of Sales Professionals and an Ambassador for the Sales Enablement Collective.

Data, insights and change management. The three key pillars that have consistently served Arup through his Sales Excellence journey.

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