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Enabling your Sales Organisation Asynchronously

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Kate Philpot, Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement, Getty Images

Kate Philpot, Senior Director of Global Sales Enablement at Getty Images joins us to discuss all things sales experience. Leading a team of global sales enablement specialists, Kate stresses the importance of “if you don’t know how you’re successful, then how is it repeatable?”.

Kate explains how buyers are now better informed than ever, and that building a rapport with customers early enough in the buying process to influence their criteria of buying is essential. Furthermore, providing value added insight that sets you apart from your competitors plays a very important role in engaging customers with their brand.

Kate delves into the difficulties you can be faced with when sales teams resist change to their buying journey as they have been successful previously. Getty Images have managed this by making sales training optional for employees and using smaller groups for role play o reduce the feared ‘exposure’. As a result of this, Kate saw employee attendance in their training sessions increase every session.

Getty Images strongly stand by the theory that ensuring sales training is being put into practice in everyday sales is more effective than adding more and more training.

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