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The Business of Basics

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By Sam Robinson, EMEA Enablement Leader at Medius

In the ever-changing business world, the pursuit of innovation and excellence is constant. However, amidst the complexity and quick fixes, an often-overlooked path to success lies in the concept of 'World Class Basics'.

Drawing inspiration from elite sports, where mastering the fundamentals is crucial, we can achieve remarkable results by focusing on practical and achievable fundamentals. This approach, defined by Gazing Performance over the last 20 years, comprises three main areas:


Successful organisations have a clear business direction, aligning every team member with a shared vision. Well-defined core business processes, roles, and responsibilities ensure efficient operations. Regularly communicating progress and success markers keeps the team motivated and focused.


We do not sell; the customer chooses to buy. And they buy based on the quality of the conversation we have with them. Therefore, equipping teams with the right information about the market, competitors, and products is an essential basic for sales excellence. Nurturing core customer engagement skills empowers the workforce to reach their full potential, emphasising ongoing skill development.


Maintaining the right mindset is crucial in uncertain times. Leaders guide their teams to focus on controllable factors, avoiding distractions beyond their reach. Clear communication, leading by example, and fostering a culture of accountability and commitment all create a positive work environment.

Incorporating these 'World Class Basics' into our enablement approaches helps navigate challenges with finesse. Disciplined execution and faithfully following through on plans leads to sustained performance over time.

While some may argue that business is more intricate, the power of simplicity should not be underestimated. Just as elite athletes rely on mastering the basics under immense pressure, leaders find success by staying true to their business' essence and executing these foundational principles.


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