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Sometimes We Need to Stop and Smell The… Process!

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By Phil Hobden, Head of Growth and Strategy at Know-it

In the constant hustle for success, it's easy to get fixated on the endgame, sort of unintentionally brushing aside the rich experiences packed into the process itself. Whether you're a sales bigwig or a professional hustling in the sales game, the allure of hitting those goals can often overshadow the whole (often transformative) journey.

So, how about we switch gears and appreciate the path instead of just staring at that far-off destination?

"Why?", you ask.

Shifting from results to process is like a real change in perspective—it's about fully grasping the power in every little step, each challenge faced, and the lessons we pick up along the way. It's realising that resilience and insight aren't just handed to us; they're carefully crafted in the mix of our journey.

Embracing the process is like signing up for a constant upgrade, where setbacks aren't roadblocks but more like stepping stones to personal growth. Remember: failure shouldn’t be avoided but embraced… fail quick, learn fast and breaking down the journey into steps allows for this.

Diving into the process brings mindfulness into our work lives, pushing us to find joy in those daily tasks that, when you add them up, shape the whole picture of our careers. It's about building those meaningful connections and unlocking the potential we might not even know we have. By putting the spotlight on the journey, we're building up a spirit of perseverance, looking at success not as some random stroke of luck but as the natural outcome of sticking to the grind and chasing excellence.

In a world where everyone's all about quick results, let's carve our own path as champions of the journey. Let's throw a party for the process, acknowledging it as the hot pot of our growth and the engine pushing us toward success. Every step, every hiccup, is a badge of our dedication, a chance to savour the learning hidden in every twist and turn.

Embracing the process is like an open invite to enjoy the dedication needed at every stage, knowing that real fulfilment isn't just about ticking off goals but about soaking in every moment along the way.

So, here's to raising a toast to embracing the process, because in its folds, you'll find the heart of our achievements and the solid ground of lasting satisfaction.

About the author

Phil has spent over 15 years in financial services & the Fintech accountancy sectors, working for some of the most innovative businesses in these industries, including Intuit, NatWest Banking Group and Wolters Kluwer.  Phil is now the Head of Strategy & Growth for credit management fintech platform Know-It. Know-it is a platform that enables a business to effectively manage all their credit processes, to mitigate risk and to get a better understanding of their customers. 

Phil is a business and strategy contributor for Elite Business Magazine online, a featured writer for Engage Sales, a serial podcast host including his latest project ‘The Story of’, judge for UK Business Tech awards & the Global Tech awards across 2021 to now , a public speaker (having spoken at Elite Business Live x3, Accountex x3, Accountex North, QuickBooks Get Connected, Customer Engagement Transformation Conference and more) and has guested on numerous industry podcasts and industry webinars including with the ACCA, Accounting Influencers, Humanise The Numbers, Advance Track and others.  

Phil has worked with partners, practice owners, accountants and bookkeepers in the UK, South Africa and beyond, from Top 5 through to leading niche and boutique firms, helping them implement new technology, change processes and launch new service lines to better support their own practices and as well as their SMB clients. 

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