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How Technology is Transforming Enablement

3 minute read

As the Sales Enablement Manager for Accredible, the world’s leading digital credential platform, I support all revenue-generating teams with a varied level of focus as I am currently a one-person team. I rely on technology a lot!

There are two points I’d like to raise in this blog that were touched upon on the How Technology is Transforming Enablement at Future of Sales Tech Conference 2022 discussion panel:

1. Data and enablement
2. Technology that makes a difference

1. Data

If you look up ‘data-driven decisions’ on Google you will receive over 3 billion results; everyone is talking about it. The amount of data we can get now through the help of technology is astonishing. Want to see what your sales team is talking about on the calls? No problem, just search for revenue intelligence tools which feature that ability. Is there a focus within your business where you want to improve the way your SDRs contact leads and prospects? Great! A quick search will find a number of fantastic outreach tools faster than you can say ‘enablement.’

Enablement has the serious task of working with the data provided by technology to ensure all initiatives are grounded in reality. How do we not get overwhelmed? How do we decide which bit of data is important?

Here’s an example of how I use data to design my enablement initiatives:

1. AEs struggling to reach the target

2. My first action is to work with our RevOps team to get insights into what is happening in the sales process. Are there any patterns of deals stuck in a certain
stage across the team? Individually? This will help me pinpoint the exact metric I need to focus on.

3. The next step is to find out if any behaviours or habits are preventing AEs from reaching their target (conduct 1:1s, speak with managers, look at rev intelligence data, amount of activity)

4. Now I am ready to create an enablement program based on the data I’ve gathered.

It’s been essential to our success to use data from our tech stack paired with qualitative data gathered from conversations with stakeholders; this is going to be your friend when deciding where to focus your resources.


There are several bits of technology in my current stack I would say make the most difference. I am totally biased, but I would like to share how our own technology made my onboarding and training initiatives more engaging and popular amongst the
revenue-generating teams.

Accredible’s platform allows organizations to issue digital credentials to people who have completed a certain learning experience. Below, I’m sharing my personal experience for the following:


While onboarding differs from company to company, one thing is certain, new colleagues appreciate recognition early on to cement their choice and make them feel welcome. Thanks to our technology, I am able to map out a learning journey for new hires which leads to an achievement received as a digital credential. Once the onboarding journey is completed, a digital credential is issued to certify the new hire.

The new colleague is happy and proud to have gone through their onboarding and has a credential to prove it. This can then be shared to their LinkedIn profile with the click of a single button!

On the back end I can see how many of these were issued, who has received them, and when, which allows me to create reports on recent new hires and rates of onboarding programme completion.


We use these credentials for internal training too. Most recently I have designed and delivered Accredible Expert Training for our customer success colleagues. Once the training was completed, the customer success colleague received a certificate. This type of gamification ensured full completion of the training programme.

I used to be in sales roles, however I promise I am not trying to sell, our own technology truly did make a difference for me and my enablement initiatives ☺

If you take one thing away, let it be this: don’t rely solely on technology, use it in relation to anecdotal and observational evidence, but do embrace it and the value it can unlock for you.

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