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Scaling Sales: How Citrix Accelerated Pipeline with Sales Engagement

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Sales Engagement is becoming the most critical part of many organisations' tech stacks. But why?

During this webinar you’ll learn exactly how a sales engagement platform can enable you to see greater results. Join to see Natasha Evans, Director of Customer Success at Salesloft, interview Emer Coleman, Head of Sales Development, Citrix, about their journey with Sales Engagement. They'll cover:

  • How the Salesloft platform enabled them to transform their entire sales process
  • The 3 key ways it has positively impacted the business, from team development to pipeline acceleration
  • Some of the amazing results that they have achieved - in terms of efficiency, revenue and more!

If you are interested in how to scale your sales process, increase revenue or learn more about Sales Engagement, this one's for you!

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