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Woo, Don’t Pursue: Create Meaningful Buying Team Experiences to Drive Engagement

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Orhan Dayioglu, Sales Enablement Pioneer, Showpad

Orhan Dayioglu, Sales Enablement Pioneer at Showpad delves into the important question: How do you Engage the Modern Buyer in 2022 and beyond? As a global sales enablement leader in 50 countries a top priority at Showpad is effective sales engagement.

After extensive research into 2020 buying trends, Showpad infer that remote buying is here to stay, in a hybrid form with occasional face-to-face meetings. Orhan compares the need for face-to-face meetings between new and existing customers. For example, building a new relationship and explaining a complex product provides great need for a face-to-face setting where rapport can be built. However, with an existing customer, cultivating relationships may be one of the few needs left for face-to-face interaction.

Orhan goes on to discuss how buyers have advanced their journey digitally. Buyers now do deep digital research before contact with a salesperson. As a result of this, buyers need to stay relevant in the process, between digital touchpoints. Digital touchpoints can affect the journey between the beginning of the buying process, all the way to the purchase decision. An example of this is modern sellers becoming ‘mini marketers’ organising a stream of relevant buyer content that is available at a time that suits the buyer.

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