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The State of Sales Enablement in 2023

  • Sales Engagement Summit
  • Winnie Palmer, Head of Marketing, EMEA, Seismic

Winnie Palmer, Head of Marketing (EMEA) at Seismic, held a thought-provoking presentation at the 2022 Sales Engagement Summit.

In her talk, Winnie defined sales enablement and explained how it can drive success by impacting the time spent selling, the win rate, and the deal sizes.

After explaining how sales enablement can help businesses grow, Winnie presented the audience with the 3 pillars of sales enablement excellence:

  • Building a culture of collaboration and alignment
  • Building sales capabilities
  • Investing in the right sales technology

Watch the on-demand video to learn more about the state of sales enablement in 2023 and the pillars of sales enablement excellence.

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