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Panel Discussion: Effectively Aligning Marketing and Sales Teams

  • Future of Sales Conference
  • Neil Hirst-Williams, Rebecca Love, Luba Reynolds, Noa Dekel, Atlaf Jasnaik, SplitMetrics, Sabio, Adobe, Harris Associates, Oasis Investment

At the 2023 Future of SalesTech and MarTech Conference, Engage held a panel discussion on the importance of aligning sales and marketing teams in today’s business landscape. The panellists shared their insights on how to create collaborative strategies that enhance the buyer’s journey and enable sellers to add value to every touchpoint.

The panellists were:

  • Neil Hirst-Williams, Head of Sales Enablement at SplitMetrics
  • Rebecca Love, Head of Sales Enablement at Sabio
  • Luba Reynolds, GTM & Sales Enablement Manager, EMEA&APAC at Adobe
  • Noa Dekel, Head of Marketing at Harris Associates
  • Altaf Jasnaik, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Oasis Investment



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