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Failing Fast and Other Lessons From a Life in Sales

  • Sales Engagement Summit
  • Phil Hobden, Head of Sales (Digital Products), Wolters Kluwer

Never fail? That’s what I was always told when I started in sales. Hit every target. Deliver every project. Be on 110% of the time.   

But as I leader if we never fail or encourage our team to fail (or worse still make them afraid to fail) then how do we learn? How do we build resilience to enable us to be successful through both the good times and the harder times? 

In this session Phil looks at his career both in sales and a sales leader and shares some of the key learnings that has seen him run multiple successful sales teams in both small and large organisations in banking, finance and tech. 

Key topics: 

- Fail Fast, Learn Quick
- Marginal Gains
- Activity vs Numbers
- Commitment vs Compliance 
- Understand the person – what drives THEM
- Purpose, Purpose, Purpose (and then Purpose once again)

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