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Who is Responsible for Sales Enablement in Organisations?

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Over the last decade, a new sub-function has become more embedded within Go-To-Market teams. Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of sales enablement functions in supporting, driving, and accelerating sales teams' performance.

However, for many of us who work on GTM teams, sales enablement can mean many different things. As we all know, every organisation is different. Therefore, depending on the industry and market they operate within, sellers require sales enablement initiatives that are bespoke to them.

Examples include:

  • Training - Coaching
  • Managing & monitoring deal execution
  • Reviewing seller performance through tools such as AI

This is by no means a simple task. For organisations that currently do not have a designated sales enablement leader, the question is, who is responsible for implementing and monitoring enablement initiatives and performance metrics?

The simplest answer is the GTM function and, more specifically, revenue leaders. However, the answer is much more complex than that.

Several functions at an org play a key role in making sales enablement a success.

GTM functions such as product marketing and solutions consultants can provide valuable insights and materials to support sellers. This not only helps sellers understand the product in more depth, but it also gives them access to product experts who can upskill teams on any new product features.

Marketing teams can provide in-depth information on buyer behaviours and how to communicate with specific buyer groups within specific industries and across sales regions.

Understanding the psychology behind buyer purchasing patterns can form part of coaching programmes on engaging with prospects, particularly when it comes to cold outreach.

Revenue leaders, particularly regional sales leaders, can focus more on supporting sellers by implementing self-learning initiatives. These can include interactive role-plays, which Sales Leaders can review and curate bespoke coaching programmes for sellers using enablement tools. By promoting independent learning, Sales Leaders can provide more in-depth support to sellers when it comes to deal flow and risk management.

With departments collaborating across the GTM function, sellers can access the best resources and expertise based on their needs.

By taking collective responsibility, Revenue Leaders can be confident that the GTM team, and in particular, sellers, is set up for success.


By Andrina Dhillon, EMEA Field Marketing Manager at Mindtickle

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