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How to Effectively Onboard New Employees

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Sales reps are a vital part of any company and getting the most out of your sales team is essential to running a successful business. In a profession that sees a lot of turnover, integrating new members into your team quickly and successfully is paramount.  

Mark Ackers, Sales Director at Allego and bestselling author detailed 6 ways that you can ramp and onboard your sales reps effectively.



The first way Mark achieves this is by having his staff record a welcome video telling future colleagues about their role at the company and what they enjoy doing outside of work hours to help new employees see how they would fit into the team.

Mark also records bitesize easy to consume videos of him explaining important information regarding the company and how to succeed in selling their product. These videos are then followed by a small quiz to help reinforce the information.

In step two, Mark emphasized that learning everything there is to know about the product you are selling is nowhere as important as having good communication skills and knowing why customers need the product. Mark encourages new hires to focus their energy on the theory of sales rather than learning every aspect of a product.

The next step involves listening to past sales calls and hearing what the salesperson did well in a successful call but also listening to calls where the salesperson was unsuccessful. This practice will allow employees to understand what sort of language is unhelpful and what types of questions are important to ask.

To be good at anything in this world practice is essential and sales is no different. Step number 4 utilizes a short burst of role playing where two salespeople practice individual aspects of meetings in order to perfect them.

Step 5 is about group motivation bringing your team together and creating a ‘mob mentality’ can be very beneficial to your sales team.

The final step of Mark’s tips is to consistently onboard your staff.  

Mark speaks on each step in great detail during his presentation. Watch his presentation below:




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