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Sales Engagement Summit

Although a term on everyone’s lips, unfortunately ‘sales engagement’ is not always totally understood. The growing importance of understanding the buyer and their journey is crucial though, as engagement insights are increasingly proven to improve the sales process, the human experience and, ultimately, profitability.

  • In-Person Conference
  • The Brewery, London
  • Wednesday 6th December 2023

Top sales Professionals are firmly focussed on enablement

A recent Forrester survey found that over 80% of sales leaders have already made several changes to their process due to changing buyer expectations. Also revealed was that 57% of buyers have switched to a competitor due to an underwhelming experience. The sales technology stack helps unify the sales and marketing departments, enabling tracking and analytics into buyer behaviour.

According to Gartner, 90% of sales leaders plan to invest in technologies to help their teams engage more effectively with prospects and customers. 

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Sales Engagement Summit: Adobe Case Study
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Calculating the true ROI of Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement initiatives are a fantastic way of improving the buyer experience and increase the number of potential sales into closed deals. However, calculating the ROI of sales enablement initiatives is crucial in order to prove the worth of the programmes. Join this stream for practical tips on how to calculate the ROI of your sales enablement programmes.

Tracking Software and Going Beyond the Analytics

We’re able to track buyer journeys in ways that have never been possible before, with organisations who are using tracking methodologies seeing huge success in transforming their buyer journeys and conversion rates. Join this stream to discover how you can better track your customer journeys and enhance success as a result.

Sales Enablement Content Performance

Content is king when it comes to effective sales enablement techniques. This stream will look at the best ways to analyse how effective your current content strategies are, as well as ideas on how to create content that will enhance performance.

Importance of Experience in Selling

Customer Experience is widely recognised as a way to differentiate organisations from their competition and retain loyal customers. Join this stream to discover how you can improve your customer experience as part of your sales enablement strategy.

Sales Enablement Maturity Model

The process of optimising your sales process and equipping your reps with everything that they need to be effective and efficient doesn’t happen overnight. There are five stages that companies go through as they improve effectiveness: Ad-hoc, Reactive, Managed, Data-Driven and Optimised. Join this stream to discover how to become an ‘Optimised’ organisation when it comes to sales enablement maturity.

Accelerating Sales with Sales Engagement

Optimising your sales process and enabling your reps through enablement training will inevitably enable you to accelerate the buyer journey and close potential deals faster. Join us to find out how to accelerate your sales process through enablement.

Technology Investment, Choosing the Right Tools

With so much technology out there, we’ll be helping you optimise your technology stack and pick the best suited option for your organisation.

Evolution of Sales Enablement Solutions

With the acceleration in technology meaning that the possibilities are endless when it comes to available sales enablement solutions, we’ll be bringing you the best ideas to optimise your tech stack and fast track your success.

Sales Enablement Seller Readiness

Any modern business is typically deeply data-driven. Seller readiness looks at how to optimise your training investments and ensure that your team are equipped with everything that the need in order to be successful.

The Importance of Onboarding and Training

An equipped sales team can be the reason you achieve your sales targets. Join this stream to discover how, through a strategic onboarding and continual training programme, you could beat your revenue targets and transform the sales ability within your organisation.

Evolution of Lead Generation and Pipeline Marketing

The sales and marketing departments are working in sync more than ever before, breaking down internal silos and working on moving leads through the sales funnel to achieve success. As part of this, lead generation, pipeline and account based marketing are key. Join this stream to discover how to generate relevant leads and create engaging marketing techniques to accelerate leads through the sales pipeline.

Samer Ragheb

Samer Ragheb

TikTok Head of B2B Product Marketing, Europe
Samer Ragheb is the Head of B2B Product Marketing, Europe at TikTok, where he has been instrumental for nearly four years. With a remarkable 17-year career in marketing, Samer brings a wealth of experience to his role, with a proven track record in tech and media industries. His leadership and strategic prowess have contributed significantly to TikTok's success in the European market, making him a respected figure in the field.
Jennifer Shaw-Sweet

Jennifer Shaw-Sweet

LinkedIn EMEA Lead B2B Institute
Jenny is the EMEA Lead B2B Institute. After 20 years in top 10 network agencies working across blue-chip international accounts, Jenny joined LinkedIn to work in the B2B Institute, a thinktank at LinkedIn. The B2B Institute is committed to impartial and independent thinking that gives open access to the best B2B research using data from within and outside LinkedIn Her research interests lie in business, marketing, branding, the power of creativity and ‘on the side’ - law, human rights and anthropology.
Joanna Edwards

Joanna Edwards

Financial Times Marketing & Communications Director, FT Specialist
Joanna Edwards is currently the Marketing and Communications Director for FT Specialist, the specialist division of the Financial Times. Joanna oversees a team of marketers who drive marketing efforts across the portfolio. Her remit includes generating marketing strategies to drive subscription revenues and support advertising products as well as internal and external communications planning around product launches and acquisitions.
Gillian Fitzgerald

Gillian Fitzgerald

EY Director, Brand & Integrated Go to Market, EMEIA
Gillian is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive 31-year career in media and marketing, holding key directorial roles along the way. Currently serving as the Director of Brand & Integrated Go-to-Market at EY for the past three years, she has made substantial contributions to the company's strategic initiatives and brand positioning. With seven years of dedicated service to EY, Gillian's extensive knowledge and wealth of experience in the field continue to be invaluable assets, shaping her reputation as an expert in brand strategy and integrated marketing.
Kate Cash

Kate Cash

Gamma Head of Sales and Buyer Enablement- Direct
Kate is a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record of 20 years in the tech and telecommunications industry, where she has consistently demonstrated her prowess in marketing. For the past six years, she has been a valuable member of the Gamma team, where she has led the sales and buyer enablement efforts for the past two years. Kate's wealth of experience and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the company's success and solidifying her reputation as a marketing expert in her field.
Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Sage Senior Director Global Marketing Technology & Demand Operations

Jennifer Smith is a Senior Director at Sage Group, where she leads Marketing Technology & Operations globally.  Jennifer has been a leader in the field of marketing and sales technology for over 20 years, working at global companies such as Macmillan and MasterCard. Her career has focused on supporting business in their use of technology to drive consumer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Jennifer enjoys leading teams through challenges and transformation in the digital age—working collaboratively as “we solve better together than as individuals”.

In addition to her passion for technology, Jennifer is a dedicated Trustee for a London-based charity founded in 1972 called People in Harmony. The charity supports people, families and couples of mixed raced heritage in the UK through four pillars: Educate, Celebrate, Stimulate and Support.

LinkedIn Profile

Becci O'Shea

Becci O'Shea

Marcura Group Head of Sales Enablement

Becci O’Shea is a dynamic and accomplished professional, currently serving as the Group Head of Sales Enablement at Marcura, a globally recognised leader in maritime solutions.

With a career spanning over a decade, Becci's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in the B2B SaaS technology industry. Becci's career began in the trenches as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), where she honed her skills in prospecting, relationship building and identifying opportunities for net-new revenue. Following this she stepped into an Account Management role and supported the channel function. Her career trajectory then reached new heights when she transitioned to the role of an Enterprise Account Executive (EAE), where she consistently exceeded targets and played a pivotal role in securing high-profile deals.

Today, Becci leverages her rich experience as an SDR, Account Manager, and Enterprise AE to empower her team with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to excel. Her leadership is defined by a commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and a deep understanding of what true enablement means. 

Neeta Darragh

Neeta Darragh

VMware Director of Portfolio Enablement - Intrinsic Security
An internationally experienced sales enablement leader with broad experience in IT, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement, she thrives on bringing people together to drive for business results, making the complex simple and converting vision to strategy and plan. Passionate about people, delivering business value and driving operational efficiency. Frequently labelled as ‘safe pair of hands’, she brings thought leadership into future planning and reliable execution of plan, resulting in becoming a trusted advisor to my leadership team.
Caroline Debenham

Caroline Debenham

Cushman & Wakefield Head of Sales Enablement, EMEA
Caroline is an experienced Bid Management specialist, leading the EMEA Bid Management team at Cushman & Wakefield. She excels at creating compelling presentations, winning strategies, and a demonstrated history of driving Business Development efforts in the commercial real estate industry. Her expertise also extends to Proposal Management and Financial Services, making her a key player in their field.
Martin Hill-Wilson

Martin Hill-Wilson

Brainfood Consulting Founder
I'm a customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation.
Andrew Hough

Andrew Hough

Institute of Sales Professionals CEO and Founder
Andrew has spent all of his working life in sales. Starting in financial services in Lloyds, then Barclays Asset Finance initially in Manchester, then London. The foundations gained in selling externally and internally, the need for asset finance loans (externally) and the . acceptable risk (internally), have never been lost on him.

From there he moved to GE Capital and ran their joint venture with Sun Microsystems Ltd, and from there to EMC2 Inc (now part of Dell). He held roles from need of customer financial services (UK and EMEA levels), through to Director EMEA Sales enablement. In that role understanding sales learning and tool needs and developing programs for growth, were critical and Andrew’s relationship with Cranfield began there.

He also held roles in specialist sales and core storage group sales with 2000 sellers under leadership. Leaving after 16 years he founded the Association of Professional Sales, focused on developing sales into a recognised profession and placing it on parity with other professions. Following a merger with the ISM the Institute of Professional Sales was formed with 8000 members world-wide.

As founder Andrew stays actively involved with thought leadership and research which links to his role as researcher in sales at Cranfield University. Passionate about sales at every level Andy supports organisations embrace you learning methodologies and frameworks for sales ecosystems. He lives in Highgate, with wife Alison (his personal CEO and Managing Partner of EY), their two children, and mad working cocker (who has never worked in her life). 
09:00-09:10 Event Welcome
Our Event Host Raoul Monks will kick-start a day jam-packed with learning insights from world-class brands

Raoul Monks
Raoul Monks
Founder and CEO
Raoul is the Founder and CEO of Flume Sales Training and a global thought leader on B2B sales. He cuts through the noise surrounding sales and simplifies complex research into actionable insights that are 100% focussed on driving revenue.
09:10-09:35 Microsoft Keynote: Transforming Sales Habits, Lessons Learnt

At Microsoft, B2B Sellers interact with hundreds of software buyers each year. Customers’ expectations are increasingly high, and it is not always easy to assess their needs, especially as the number of decision makers and buyer influencers increases.

To help our sellers best use their time and efforts, we need to enable them to embrace new ways of selling. We need to help them change the ways that served them well in the past, and adapt to new habits that, for example, leverage marketing engines to identify future opportunities.

Changing work habits requires more than asking people to attend long training sessions. It requires proper change management strategies that will generate a true desire to change.

In this session, we will review our lessons learnt in the journey of transforming the habits of our sales organization.


Karina Battaglia
Karina Battaglia
Sales and Marketing Enablement Lead
Karina Battaglia leads strategic connected marketing and sales enablement initiatives at Microsoft’s Western Europe HQ. Her work seats at the intersection between marketing and sales impacting the ways of work of thousands of field sellers and marketers. With 15 years of experience in field and HQ roles along the customer journey, in marketing, sales, and customer success in Europe, the US and Latam, Karina has a track record of building high-impact initiatives that scale and last beyond her tenure. Her entrepreneurial and collaborative mindset allows her to gain support from a variety of stakeholders, build consensus and drive results. Karina is an active sponsor of Diversity and Inclusion programs and an avid learner of high-performance and high-productivity habits.
09:35-10:00 Adapting for Economic Uncertainty: A B2B Leaders Guide
In today’s economy, revenue organisations must become more efficient and productive to meet their targets with fewer resources. Yet Forrester reports that sales reps spend 77% of their time on non-core selling activities, and sales managers only spend 14% of their time on coaching. These are the types of inefficiencies revenue leaders can control and remediate. Join Outreach's Elin Hammenfors to discover how EMEA-based go-to-market leaders are adapting and transforming their selling organisations to thrive through adversity, both today and as they look to the future.

Elin Hammenfors
Elin Hammenfors
Senior Manager, Revenue Enablement
A strategic, creative and results-oriented sales leader for the high growth SaaS Sales Execution company Outreach. By showing passion, drive and strong communication and networking skills I have managed to quickly progress in the sales profession. I am currently leading our EMEA Revenue Enablement engine, focussing on sales acceleration and growth. 
10:00-10:25 Opening Keynote: All-Weather Marketing

Jenny will be talking about All Weather Marketing: Making good decisions in uncertain economic times isn’t easy. Smart decisions are helped by strong category, customer and economic orientation, studying good data over long periods and investing in the strategies that have worked for businesses that build resilience and focus for growth.


Jennifer Shaw-Sweet
Jennifer Shaw-Sweet
EMEA Lead B2B Institute
Jenny is the EMEA Lead B2B Institute. After 20 years in top 10 network agencies working across blue-chip international accounts, Jenny joined LinkedIn to work in the B2B Institute, a thinktank at LinkedIn. The B2B Institute is committed to impartial and independent thinking that gives open access to the best B2B research using data from within and outside LinkedIn Her research interests lie in business, marketing, branding, the power of creativity and ‘on the side’ - law, human rights and anthropology.
10:25-11:00 Coffee & Networking
Take 30 minutes to grab a coffee (and maybe a sweet treat!), meet our sponsors and connect with peers facing similar challenges to yourself.
Optimising your sales process and enabling your reps through enablement training will inevitably enable you to accelerate the buyer journey and close potential deals faster. Join us to find out how to accelerate your sales process through enablement.
11:00-11:20 Wolters Kluwer Case Study: Failing Fast and Other Lessons from a Life in Sales…
Never fail? That’s what I was always told when I started in sales. Hit every target. Deliver every project. Be on 110% of the time.   

But as I leader if we never fail or encourage our team to fail (or worse still make them afraid to fail) then how do we learn? How do we build resilience to enable us to be successful through both the good times and the harder times? 

In this session Phil looks at his career both in sales and a sales leader and shares some of the key learnings that has seen him run multiple successful sales teams in both small and large organisations in banking, finance and tech. 

Key topics: 

Fail Fast, Learn Quick
Marginal Gains
Activity vs Numbers
Commitment vs Compliance 
Understand the person – what drives THEM
Purpose, Purpose, Purpose (and then Purpose once again)

Phil Hobden
Phil Hobden
Wolters Kluwer
Head of Sales
With a background over 15 years in financial services & the Fintech accountancy sectors, Phil has worked for some of the largest and most innovative businesses in these industries, including Intuit, Natwest Banking Group, HSBC and now Wolters Kluwer. 

Phil is a contributor for Elite Business Magazine online, a serial podcast host, judge for UK Business Tech awards 2021/22 & the Global Tech awards 2022 , a public speaker (having spoken at Elite Business Live x3, Accountex x3, QuickBooks Get Connected and more) and guested on numerous industry podcasts and webinars including with industry bodies such as the ACCA. 

During his previous role at funding platform Capitalise as their Head of Customer Education he worked with over 1700 accountants, from Top 25 through to leading niche and boutique firms across the UK and South Africa, to help them implement funding as a service within their firms.
11:20-11:40 You Can't use Last Year's Sales Plays in This Year's Market

As processes change, company priorities shift, and customer expectations evolve–so should your sales plays. During this session Natasha Evans will share:

•        Where you should be looking to identify what is working, and what needs to change.
•        How to implement the right change processes.
•        Top sales plays that work in today’s world, backed by data.
You’ll walk away with actionable insights that

are applicable to any modern sales organisation.


Natasha Evans
Natasha Evans
Director of Customer Success, EMEA

Natasha leads Salesloft's Global Enterprise Customer Success business at Salesloft, the provider of the world's leading sales engagement platform, which enables organisations to deliver better buyer experiences and generate more revenue. Prior to this, Natasha spent the last seven years consulting and enabling sales people to use technology to improve conversions and increase revenue

11:40-12:00 Evotix Case Study: Making It Stick
Highlighting the ineffectiveness of a lot of training? How do you overcome this and truly upskill your people through the creation of a Coaching Culture with turn by turn directions.

Julian Taylor
Julian Taylor
Head of Enablement

Julian is an experienced trainer and coach with a focus on business to business sales.

He has a mix of experience, working for Huthwaite International (SPIN) as a global training consultant and as a in house trainer / coach for companies including ARCO and Evotix.

He is passionate about people and regardless of the size of the business recognising that developing your people is the road to retention and business success. With many years working in training he has made the mistakes and understands how to stop the cycle of delivering training that doesn’t deliver tangible outcomes.

He heads up Sales Enablement within Evotix who supply a SaaS Health and Safety Solution. The business has delivered 40% growth for the last five years and expanded into new global territories. It has been a journey of ongoing change to develop as a team to adapt and change operationally as the business has grown and scaled.
12:00-12:20 Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Expansion: Break Free from a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Nearly 60 percent of companies believe they can use a one-size-fits-all approach for every marketing and sales conversation. Instead of tailoring their approach to their buyer’s situation, they try to apply the same messages to win new customers as they do to keep and grow existing customers. 

But behavioural research shows a 180-degree difference between what motivates new prospects, versus existing customers, to buy. 

In fact, using a one-size-fits-all approach can put most of your revenue and growth opportunity at risk! 

In this session, you’ll learn new, science-backed messaging strategies to skillfully differentiate your acquisition and expansion approaches. 

You’ll learn how to:

•        Disrupt your prospects’ status quo to win new business.
•        Defend and grow your relationships with existing customers
•        Use science-backed messages and skills to influence and guide your prospects' and customers' buying decisions.


Catherine Alexander
Catherine Alexander
Corporate Visions
VP, Training Services
Catherine has over 15 years’ experience as both a leader and individual contributor of account management and customer success teams. Her experience spans European and US markets and multiple industries including professional services and manufacturing. Most recently she has used her experience to help others develop their careers. For the past 7 years she has taught business psychology and neuroscience to over 20,000 professionals on 5 continents–helping each of them reach their full potential as people and sales leaders. Today, she combines this knowledge and experience to head Corporate Visions’ training team. In that role, Catherine leads an expanding team of global consultants as they coach clients to find and tell their best story.
12:20-12:40 Sales Enablement for Humans: The Balance of Individual Attention and a Scaling Org, A Fireside Chat with Lily Christensen, Sales Enablement Lead - EMEA at FullStory
Hear how FullStory, the digital experience intelligence platform, preps their sales team for success through initatives that help them learn, be curious, and practice key concepts to equip them with the tools needed to be successful.

Lily Christensen
Lily Christensen
Sales Enablement Lead - EMEA
Spreading the word about products I'm passionate about and working for companies that value their people and growth. Previously Partnerships Director at what3words and opened multiple offices, built teams and new business with Usabilla in London, NYC and Amsterdam. Now helping people sell authentically and find customer fit with FullStory as well as a Pitch Coach and sales team builder.
12:40-13:00 The state of sales enablement in 2023

Join Winnie Palmer, Head of EMEA Marketing at Seismic as she dives into the latest stats around the current state of sales enablement. Join this session to hear all about the 3 pillars that underpin sales enablement excellence in order to help you advance your organisation’s sales enablement strategy and drive business performance.


Winnie Palmer
Winnie Palmer
Head of Marketing, EMEA
Winnie Palmer is the EMEA Head of Marketing at Seismic, the number 1 global sales enablement leader. An innovator and strategic marketer known for achieving exceptional business results, Winnie has led and transformed go-to-market functions across a number of the industry’s most prominent technology brands. She is also an avid investor in tech startups and a board member of a UK regulator.
13:00-14:00 Lunch & Networking
Head into the Expo Hall to recharge over a hot meal (included in your ticket) and catch up with those you haven't met yet.
STREAM: The Importance of Enablement
With the acceleration in technology meaning that the possibilities are endless when it comes to available sales enablement solutions, we’ll be bringing you the best ideas to optimise your tech stack and fast track your success.
14:00-14:20 Compass Group Case Study: NextGen: Engaging and Developing our Growth Community
Discover how Compass Group developed NextGen - a one-year accelerated-learning programme to combat the challenge of developing and retaining first-class sales professionals. Our evidence-based programme harnesses individuals’ energy and creative abilities and leads them along a proven, ethical path to success.

Caroline Rutter
Caroline Rutter
Compass Group
Head of Map 1 Development

Caroline started her career 4 years ago at Compass Group UK&I as Strategic Partner within the B&I sector, obtaining 100% retention rate in 2021 and more recently retaining a £9m UK Auditing firm.

Caroline has since been promoted to Head of People Development across Compass UK&I where she uses her talent to coach and develop our people. Her mission is to create an environment where people want to develop both individually and as a team through Continuous Development Programmes, which includes continuous testing of capabilities, to reach maximum performance. 

As part of this role, Caroline heads up NextGen, which is Compass’s one-year accelerated-learning programme for sales professionals. This evidence-based programme harnesses individuals’ energy and creative abilities and leads them along a proven, ethical path to success.

Caroline was selected to be a part of this years’ Global Female Leader Programme, which is a comprehensive cross-industry programme designed to provide a series of experiences and learning opportunities to support the career progression for high potential female leaders. Caroline will be using this programme to share best practice within Compass and support not only her own career progression but of others too.

Caroline is a member of the Institute of Sales Professionals.

Richard Moran
Richard Moran
Compass Group
Sales Director
Sales specialist experienced in leading multiple teams across a number of markets both in the UK and internationally, currently responsible for Net Growth across Compass Group UKI’s public sector brands. After joining Compass Group, a FTSE 100 company and the world’s biggest Food and support service provider, Richard progressed through internal talent development programs and has gone on to hold a range of growth roles covering new and current clients. Proven at identifying and capitalising on market conditions, repositioning brand and sector value propositions and enabling teams to achieve high success rates, Richard has always placed the development of others at the forefront of his leadership and alongside his growth role is now responsible for Compass Group UKI’s high performance future Sales & Retention leader programme; Next Gen. Richard is a member of the Institute of Sales Professionals.
14:20-14:40 6 Ways to Onboard and Ramp Your Sales Reps in Weeks vs Months
The average tenure of a sales rep is at a low and research shows it’s still taking organisations up to 9 months to ramp new hires only to lose them 9 months later.  Effective onboarding pays off - reps are more likely to stay, be more successful and hit their milestones when you get it right!
So what can you do to improve your onboarding programme and experience?

Mark Ackers Sales Director Allego EMEA and Author of the best seller, Problem Prospecting will be sharing with the audience 6 actionable ways you can improve your onboarding programme and reduce the amount of time it takes to get reps to target, consistently